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The Freak Show Called 2020!

Hindsight 2020 looks in many ways like a Haunted House filled with thrills, chills, nightmares and all the rest that comes with that kind of ride. The end of my 2020 was hard hit and the grand finale seemed yet to come until the end. Well, it did and I’m ready to ring in 2021.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love haunted houses. The only reason I go though is because my so called “friends” have always been the ones to coerce me into it every time. It’s funny how they are all gung-ho at the beginning and for some reason I always end up in front eyes wide open taking my team through the maze or gauntlet. I’m not bragging but sometimes to speed things up you take the lead.

This year has been terribly like that haunted house experience, yet it wasn’t nearly as fun with the understanding that everything we experienced was real and with true consequences to any missteps along the way. Yes, I took the lead, yes, I made mistakes, yes, we did all survive and are moving forward. See if I would have hidden behind everyone else the company would have failed as many have and continue to close. If I would have gone the other extreme, real lives would have been lost. Leading is not easy and most of the time it is done with imperfect information or no information at all. It’s scary and it should be.

This is why I commend and honor those with battle scars who have taken the necessary actions in the past to have failed and come back. I commend and honor those who act amid so many that take none due to being scared or feared of being judged. I commend those who have taken the lemons that are being thrown at us, put some great vodka in a glass and squeeze the hell out of the lemon to get a great drink in life.

It’s time to move onward and forward. What is your plan for yourself for 2021? Does include your health and wellbeing? If anything, we learned from 2020 is that our health and well-being are critical to any forward momentum you wish to achieve in your future. If you need some help planning it out we stand ready to help. Take advantage of sitting with us for a free session and the learn how one of our eVOLV Coaches can not only assist but accelerate your 2021 momentum. You won’t be disappointed. We are ready to help.

Call, E-mail, Text or Message us today! Contact information is below!

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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