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Psst – Let me tell you a secret! If your end game is weight loss – you’re going to lose!

There is more information on the internet today that is completely accessible to any of you reading this damn blog that will provide you all the information you need in order to lose weight. Quite honestly the secret is simply to burn more calories than you are putting into the entirety of your system causing a deficit requiring your body to burn the stores (fat) reducing your weight. Pretty simple right?

Like you I have also come across and tried the “magical elixir’s” promising overnight weight loss:

· This pill stops the absorption of fat in food (making you shit like there is no tomorrow)

· This pill gives you energy and burns all the fat away (makes you feel like you did an eight ball of cocaine in the bathroom and your jaw hurts from grinding all day)

· This cleanse will reduce your weight overnight causing a 20-pound weight loss in 2 days (then you gain forty when you stop the cleanse and go back to your normal habits)

· This meat only diet will provide immediate weight loss and will give you a ton of energy (a couple of weeks in your hair begins to fall out because you are depriving yourself of essential vitamins and nutrients – a great body but bald and no fingernails – REALLY)

Are you getting my point yet? The problem is that I too have fallen victim to the lure of “easy” and “quick” fixes for a lot of things in my life. EVERY DAMN TIME I have fallen victim though, it has always come back and bit me in the ass. In my personal relations, in my business and in my own health, I have seen a lot that I wish never to repeat. This is why I don’t sell weight loss!

What I do sell is this: My Knowledge. My knowledge and the knowledge of our fifty-eight wellness professionals that serve our clients. We don’t sell a one size fits all. What we sell is our ability to look at the individual and understand that each of you are different and with our combined efforts – we provide the necessary steps in order for you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Weight loss is a byproduct of the process. Feeling damn good about yourself is a byproduct of the process. Getting mental clarity is a by product of the process. Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying finally “DAMN I LOOK GOOD” is a byproduct of our process.

Now don’t get me wrong, our kick-ass workouts, accountability and our community are all part of our process. Our fourth non-negotiable in our Phoenix Method is Habit formation which I believe is one of the most critical aspects of change and is critical for sustainable results. Bad habits are what get us into painful points in life and habits are needed to get us out of them too.

I invite you to attend Laurie’s seminar this Saturday January 29th starting at 11 am with a Yoga class followed by a healthy snack at noon and then going into a seminar at 12:30 pm MST that will concentrate on how to make your New Years resolutions into sustainable HABITS! Laurie has been one of my mentors and is now part of our team who concentrates on personal development through mindfulness, yoga, and fitness. This is FREE to all our members and ROPers (ROPers – get your asses there)!

We love bringing this type of programming to our members as it is all part of making sure you are achieving your desired outcomes and results. You just have to show up! To register for the event click here:

We also provide Mindset Mondays at 1pm with one of our amazing online trainers Aaron virtually. This is a weekly class that is part of your membership so please feel free to join. Register on Zenplanner to attend and get the link.

If you need a little help or wish to know more about our Phoenix Method and how our knowledge can help you, please feel free to contact us today – or 505-872-3408. We would love to help.

Also, team – leave some comments below and let me know what may have sparked your thoughts reading this today or if you have suggestions on topics you wish for me to touch on. I love reading your feedback.

Until next time – Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be UpMo & eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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