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Post-New Year's Plan of Attack!

Post-New Year’s Plan of Attack!

Here it is, folks! We just partied and drank what we usually do for over a month! It is time to “pay the piper.” No excuses!

I drank my life away – AND I HAD A BLAST!!! Now I have been paying for it ever since, but this is what life is all about! Now let’s get back to normal and get our goals achieved for January in regard to our health!

Here is the plan to get the holiday bulge in control:

Starting TODAY – Get your 1 hour of movement in! Get to eVOLV, get on YouTube, go for a jog –move! Make it deliberate and plan it out! Don’t’ stop there – do it for at least 4 hours this week.

For 1 day – eat one meal at about 500 calories. This will reset your insulin levels to allow the body to lose weight. Eat good food but not a lot. Only eat within one hour.

On Day 2, begin eating with a max caloric load that you should have established; if you need help, reach out.

Don’t beat yourself up –get back on the wagon! It’s the pursuit, not the destination, that counts!

I invite you to join one of the tried and true programs at eVOLV! We have one that more than likely will meet your needs. E-mail me back here! I am ready if you are!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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