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Ooh...I Love Special Cases!

Ooh… I love special cases. An answer to a question!

Do you all know the game “whack-a-mole?” Let me refresh your memory. It’s where you stand behind a box like machine with small holes scattered throughout. You are holding a hammer of sort and a figure similar to a mole pops its head out of the hole and you are supposed to whack it before it puts its head back down. The game becomes more difficult by the frequency of the moles popping their heads out at multiple times and you only have one hammer to hit them in time to score higher and higher. Don’t you feel life is like a game of whack-a-mole? The more you try to accomplish the harder and faster life comes at you with only one hammer to conquer each obstacle?

My newsletter Monday touched on the Holiday Diet or lack thereof. I received feedback requesting insights about the exact opposite, those who do not eat enough or get enough essential nutrients into their systems. Ms. Paula, this one’s for you!

Like the game Whack-A-Mole, life has a way of getting into rhythms that are hard to break because you are so consumed (no pun intended) with trying to “whack” all that is coming at us. We can’t see our own patterns because we are so busy in our habits that have gotten us to where each of us are currently in our lives good or bad. I always state we are a culmination of our inaction and actions at any moment.

Like I stated on Monday, lack of diet control over the holidays leads to our “big girl/boy” clothes. The opposite is true too for those who are “super-dieters.” It’s an “insanity cycle” or a “plateau” that we find ourselves in. Doing what we have always done but expecting different results. Well Ms. Paula I’m proud of you for taking the first step and reaching out for guidance. Although I am far from perfect, my 20-year history in this business has given me certain experience and knowledge that I share to help both sides of the spectrum. Plateau breaks and giving a helping hand to those stuck in the insanity cycle are what I love doing best – I love special cases.

I’m going to give a specific piece of advice that everyone can take and use immediately today whether you are over-indulging and need to lose weight, or the opposite not getting enough nutrients into your system. This is also the second rule of five in our “Phoenix Method” – LOG YOUR DIET!

Once you have a 3-to-4-day history, see what your current habits are for the following:

1. Total Caloric Intake Daily

2. Macro Nutrient Breakdown – Protein, Carb, Fat Percentages

Once you have these numbers then begin to switch things up as you need. If you need to lose weight – try reducing your calories by one hundred per day from your starting average giving you a 700-calorie deficit at the end of the week. The same is true for adding calories to the mix – start by adding one hundred daily to begin. This is a simple glass of milk for you Ms. Paula – calories and protein. Be accountable for your set plan and implement it. Don’t do anything drastic or over the top that is unsustainable but be accountable for your plan of action and implement it daily. Gauge your progress weekly then adjust as needed with however you are monitoring your progress (scale, Omron, caliper, measuring tape, et…)

Also, this holiday season, eat a piece of pumpkin role, drink the eggnog, and enjoy yourself. Life is to be lived and we only get one of these so enjoy!

As always, we exist to help you with your game of Whack-A-Mole. Sometimes you just need an extra hammer in life! Our personal trainers are the best at doing exactly this and our Rise of the Phoenix program will help you break that insanity cycle and get you moving in the right direction pretty quick. You just need to reach out. Our next information session is Saturday December 18th, 2021 @ 10am MST. Click here for more information:

We appreciate each and everyone of you and I hope this message provides a little insight for you to help you on your wellness journey. If you appreciate what you read, please share to those you feel would benefit from it. It helps us here at UpMo & eVOLV! Also give me feedback on what you wish for me to discuss – I love special cases!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Stay in Upward Motion & eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. Chavez

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