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My Thoughts on Plateaus.

My Thoughts on Plateaus!

BULLSHIT! I believe plateaus are excuses for those not putting in the work or delivering the plan we put together. Those that follow my advice to a T – get the results. Those that show up daily to Shred, hit the nutrition guidelines, and get the measurements – GET THE RESULTS.

Those that skip go crazy on the weekends, have multiple bad days in a row, do not achieve the goals they wish to achieve. That simple.

Fitness should become pretty dull as it is about being relentlessly consistent with your movement and staying strict with your max calories. I do place intermittent fasting here and there to kick-start insulin resistance, but other than that – consistency is the key. When someone hits a wall, it more than likely is self-inflicted.

Don’t get me wrong. I do know that sickness, stress, menstruation cycles, and more can temporarily affect your progress. This is called life. It is when someone says they have plateaued for months on end that I call their bullshit.

If this is you, take these action items:

Get real again with your nutrition logging and set your max calories, and DO NOT CHEAT!

Get your workouts in daily – the real ones that make you sweat and beg for mercy.

Take your measurements weekly and then adjust your plan accordingly.

It is that simple! Really it is. If, after all, that hasn’t worked – then you need a coach to look into what you are doing that is not working! I stand ready!

Listen up – I only have 13 slots left from January to April in Shred. If you want in, I would suggest reaching out NOW. I will be sold out until April very quickly! I love and Appreciate all of you!

Let’s get 10 pounds and 5 inches off your body in 28 days! Promise!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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