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Looking in the Mirror is a Double Edged Sword!

Looking in the mirror is a double-edged sword.

Somedays when I look in the mirror I say, “HOT DAMN!” Other days more frequent than not I say, “HOT MESS!”

I have to admit there is a direct correlation between me stopping at the Maverick gas station and getting a cranberry fritter on the way home, to the way I feel about myself in the morning. The root cause of the cranberry fritter though is the negative habit of me dealing with my stress levels. I know that when stressed, I just need to bite the bullet and get an amazing sweat on, but when my stores of energy have been exhausted and I’m at my wits end, that cranberry fritter offers me control and immediate satisfaction. I coach this shit daily and still succumb to these weaknesses.

I just thank goodness I no longer reach for alcohol as I once had. I can wake up after my sugar overdose from the night before, but my age has crept up and if I drink one damn beer these days, the likelihood of a hangover is very real the next morning putting me out of commission. Yes, I did say just one damn beer – don’t laugh because your day is coming if hasn’t already.

The problem lies in succumbing to immediate satisfactions. This doesn’t bode well for our long-term goals. That’s why after just a few days of eating good healthy foods, not stopping at the Maverick, and getting all my workouts in, I say “HOT DAMN” when I look in the mirror. In all reality my body hasn’t changed much but my mindset has. And after just a few days of poor eating, skipping workouts, or not sleeping well, I look in the mirror and I say, “HOT MESS.”

This cycle is one that I still haven’t figured out, but I believe is quite normal. It’s when we begin to avoid the mirrors all together or enjoy the mirrors way too much that things become not-so-normal. This gets into a whole other topic of body dysmorphia or better yet – an unhealthy relation with your image. If you are to this point you probably need a much higher pay grade individual than I to begin. But once ready to confront these issues, this is where we can make some huge changes to your outlook about yourself.

The only tried, true and sustainable method of gaining a healthier foothold with your image in the mirror is by taking action and lots of it. This means earning the right to look at yourself and knowing both physically and mentally that you are caring for that person in the mirror.

Action items for today:

1. Dive deep into your stress levels and see how you handle stress. Is it via food, alcohol or other weight gaining activities? Become aware of it and try an alternative this week such as a tall glass of water, a brisk 15-minute walk or reach out to a friend to discuss. Try a different strategy that interrupts the old habits. You may be surprised.

2. MOVE MOVE AND MOVE MORE! There is no substitute for this. You need to make time, or you will be forced to by illness in the future for movement today! I think you get my drift.

3. Monitor your Diet and stick with a max caloric load. If you add movement, control your total caloric intake, and add healthy habits for stress relief – I’m about 99% assured you will have a higher frequency of “Hot Damn” mirror moments in your life!

We would love to help you on your wellness journey. The clubs are in full swing and UpMo just received an amazing Uplift! The energy is amazing right now and the community is flourishing. We would love to have you with us in person and or virtually. We have a 28 Day to Summer Body Program promotion this month. If you are interested, please reach out to or 505-872-3408 to schedule your free initial evaluation with one of our world-class Phoenix Trainers!

I am proud to introduce my first ever eVOLV Strong with C.J. Podcast. Like this blog I wish to relate to you all, provide my knowledge and experience on how to deal with wellness/fitness and how it fits into our lives. I want to provide focus and real action items that we can use and apply into this craziness of life. I also want to be able to provide a spark of hope to those finding themselves stuck. So please listen in! They will be short and sweet and useful. Watch out for the e-mail tomorrow with the links available.

Here is the weekly schedule of communications so you are aware:

Monday – Fitness Tips and Recipe in our Newsletter

Tuesday – A celebration of success to one of our members on social media

Wednesday – My personal blog sent via e-mail

Thursday – NEW eVOLV Strong with C.J. Podcast. Inspiring Wellness Chats!

Friday – A Healthy Recipe in our Newsletter

We bring this robust schedule to you so that each day you may be reminded by us that your health and well-being is critical NOW! eVOLV’s purpose is to inspire individuals to improve mentally, physically, and emotionally and we believe providing daily motivation is necessary to help our community.

By sharing our communications, you too believe in our mission and will supporting our efforts. This is FREE so please share to those you think need to hear our message of wellness by reposting on social media, commenting or forwarding the e-mails to others. We would appreciate it.

From my heart to yours, Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.


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