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Life's Hugs are Wonderful - BUT the Slaps Can Be Brutal!

Life’s Hugs are Wonderful – but the Slaps can be Brutal!

The picture above is my kitchen at the moment and my inspiration for today’s message. Monday was an amazing day where I felt on top of the world. Yesterday was a completely different story where it seems the bad news kept coming from all corners. Without going into detail, I almost cratered yesterday to stress levels achieved only at new levels of leadership and growth. I didn’t though and that makes all the difference.

That sun will rise with or without me as a participant in this thing called life this morning. I chose to confront the challenges that were handed to me yesterday in a constructive and deliberate manner. I did not run from them, and I did not hide from them. Don’t get me wrong, I was worried sick all damn day. Normally I would “go get a drink,” or “go and be promiscuous,” or “go and hide/sleep” rather than handle the issues firsthand. Well, I have to admit, I did try to take a nap (being old I do this daily anyways) but due to the plumbers digging up my kitchen yesterday I couldn't. LOL!

See I used to try to take the easy way out of things and doing that normally made things worse in the long run. Just like the plumbers who are trying to “unstuck” their machine that got stuck under my kitchen island, they have to take out the bricks and foundation in order to fix the problem. It’s a pain in the ass and it is a shit ton of work, and it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. The problem is that I have been dealing with a plumbing issue since I moved in, and we always took the easy way out. Well, there is NO EASY WAY OUT this time. This is due to trying to fix it the easy way so many times in a row and it finally caught up to us.

Does this situation in anyway relate to a situation you find yourself in? Taking the “easy” way out and finding yourself in a worse off position. Many times, we find ourselves worse off because we don’t do the work necessary that is uncomfortable, painful, not fun and that takes time and energy that we don’t have. My father is a prime example. His last 10-15 years of his life were miserable. I tried my best to make them as good as possible in the final year but before that his diabetes and congestive heart failure made simple daily activities difficult, and his mental capacity declined quickly all because he did not do the necessary hard work in caring for himself.

Where are you in life? Are you at a point where you’re tired of being tired and now your ready to do the work necessary? This means digging up the foundation and repouring it? Are you in the middle of Rise of the Phoenix and wanting to give up because you realize how hard it really is to do the work you need to do in order to improve your health? Remember if you don’t voluntarily do it now, you will be forced to do in the future.

Like my kitchen, or Melissa’s pinky injury due to the mandatory burpees (yes this really happened -love you Melissa), or like any of you managing unplanned setbacks, it’s not if they will happen, it’s when. It’s how we face them full front and manage our way through, or around them, that counts!

New levels equal new devils and every time you’re about to change, we all experience “growth-pains.” It is real and very natural. We just have to figure out how not to give up and stay determined in our decision to improve our situations. eVOLV is powerful as we are a community of like-minded individuals and trainer professionals who inspire such change daily. If you are part of our community, or not, and have stinking thinking, reach out to one of us. We more then likely have been there and done that and can offer a swift kick-in-the-ass if necessary. We are only a phone call, message, or e-mail away.

Also, a good stretch can help melt some of the stresses of life away. We invite you to our Valentine’s Day Deep Stretch that will be held in the Hot Room at eVOLV Strong at 5:45 pm in lieu of Coresculpt. Please use Zenplanner to confirm your attendance and reserve your spot as this will sell out.

One more note – the Puerto Vallarta trip is quickly selling out. We only have a few more rooms available so lock your spot today!

Happy Hump Day Folks! Make lemons from those thrown at you!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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