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Let it Rain Let it Rain Let it Rain!

Evening SHRED Athletes!

Let it Rain Let it Rain Let it Rain!

Today’s torrential down pour reminded me of an experience I had in Chicago this week. While I was leaving Chicago on Monday, there was a beautiful drizzle that was coming down. Adonis and I had to walk about three city blocks to get to the orange line in order to get to the airport. Adonis was using the umbrella at first and then asked me why I wasn’t. I bluntly told him that it feels like my sins are being washed away and he too stopped using the umbrella and allowed the rain to fall on his body.

Now don’t get all crazy on me, I am not a religious zealot whatsoever. I am a very spiritual person though and I respect all religions and beliefs. I believe very strongly that religion can be a great guide for many. In this instance though, in my own spiritual way, it felt good just to have a natural source showering me after a hard weekend of fun and play.

You may ask where the hell am I going with this. Well, here it is. I work hard and I play hard. I have dedicated my life to fitness in order to combat the stresses in my life and the ways in which I used to cope with them in my life. Working out to me has become part of my lifestyle where I am able to use the “burn” and “sweat” to cleanse myself during my days. If I didn’t’ burn my stresses off, I would be either dead, in an insane asylum or off on a street corner somewhere. I know my all or nothing personality and I almost succumbed to it earlier in my life.

Like the rain, working out and movement are cleansing to my entire system. I know there are many individuals and experts who may say that over working the body is bad for this or for that, but for me, it is critical I maintain my grueling physical lifestyle in order for me to stay on the good path I created for myself. Each individual is different, and this is not for everyone. I do recommend though finding movement on a daily basis that fits your lifestyle so that you may also experience the many benefits the lie on the other side of it. All it takes is really 15-20 minutes of your day. Stress management, higher cognitive abilities, reduction of long-term illnesses, increased heart health, sexual health, weight management and so much more can be achieved by a simple walk, jog, run for 15-20 minutes a day.

I need more and eVOLV’s classes are designed for an hour so that we may achieve differing result such as cardiovascular training, endurance, strength gain, flexibility, community, and a lot more that an hour allows us. If you are alone though, don’t make it so onerous where it becomes a burden. Just carve out the time you have and make it a benefit of your day. Be glad you can still move and hang on to it as long as you can.

Action items:

How have you cleansed yourself today?

Carve out the time daily and become consistent with what ever you decide is right for you!

For those of you in Albuquerque, I hope you are enjoying these beautiful rainstorms. Those of you familiar with this area you know we need them, and I hope your area is getting them as well. Like us our earth needs them to thrive and survive!

From my heart to yours – Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV & UpMo Strong

Your Trainer – C.J.

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