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Just "Shit"ake, "Shit"ake, "Shit"ake....

Does it seem sometimes that when you try your freaking hardest at something and the more effort, time, and energy you put into it the harder things get? Then if you something out of your control hits, like the Covid, and things do not go as planned, extreme disappointment and the “shitty” feelings set in throwing you completely off course? Well this has hit home lately. Now I know I preach to stay positive and to have gratitude for that which I have accomplished, those who I cherish that surround me and that which I do have, but holy moly batgirl – just shit shit shit!!! LOL!

June 1, 2020, four (4) months into Covid I had the bright idea of setting a goal to defend my OCB Men’s Physique Pro title in Rhode Island. I begin training daily on three (3) day splits and begun watching what I ate (lots of cheating at the beginning) but until last week – I was on point. Started at 178, 18% BF, 12.5” bicep and just lots of fluff. On October 18th I weighed in at 153, 7.8% BF and a 13.7” bicep. My goal was to compete at 145 lbs. and 3% and my competition was to be on November 21st or about 4 weeks out from my last measurements. I was well on my way – then….

Five (5) months’ worth of work has gone out the window due to Covid restrictions both in Rhode Island and here in New Mexico. That is why I say shit shit shit shit shit….

Now what about you? What experience have you had lately that you have placed all your heart into then circumstances around you throw you off course? Has this happened with your weight, fitness goals and/or well-being? Let us make something positive out of all this my friends. Let us do this together. I challenge you to get back on the saddle with me and make lemonade out of all these damn lemons being thrown at us or at least throw the lemons back harder with better aim at those who have thrown them at us!

Now that I have eaten a donut or two and drank numerous beers, I am settling back down and focusing. See my wind behind my wings died when all the travel restrictions hit and yes, I ate like poop. Now I must refocus, get off my pity-pot and move forward again. You with me?

I would love to have you with me on this journey. A way in which you can is our Rise of the Phoenix 2021 already getting started with recruitment. Click this link for more information:

If you wish for a more personalized approach to your wellness, take advantage of a FREE consultation and planning session with us here at eVOLV. We can do this virtually or onsite. E-mail me directly or call 505-872-3408 to get you set up!

Until then – Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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