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It's Time to Fight the Resistance - YOU!

Communication is key to any success in life. The problem is not our ability to communicate with others, it lies in our ability to effectively communicate with ourselves.

At a young age we are sent to school to learn how to socialize and interact accordingly. We are taught how to ask for things politely, how to properly address an elder and how to settle disputes in the school yard. Do you once remember though – someone actually sitting with you and discussing how to talk to yourself?

When I reached adulthood, instead of a healthy conversation with myself, I begun to tear myself down after numerous failures and life circumstances. I used a lot of differing substances to cope with the thought patterns I started to have that became destructive and self-defeating. It was only until I reached out for professional help did I realize these “patterns’ could be broken. I was taught that I could do battle with this improper communication by not feeding those thoughts and by taking positive inspired action, even if it were a super small to begin. I begun to feed the positive parts of my life rather then dwelling on the negative. Slowly I broke the destructive patterns of my life and was able to move forward on a more positive path.

See we know that over eating, over drinking and lack of movement are not good for us. But it is so easy to do daily. We know what is right and what is wrong, but our own thought process is the resistance! We develop patterns that are exceedingly difficult to break. For example – these maybe our daily trip to Starbucks/Coffee shop and the order of a “grande frappe latte with extra whip” or that daily beer/wine that turns into 2, 3, 4 and then a weekend explosion. It may be the drive through lunches and a bag of Cheetos daily. These become the norms of our live and our inner selves are the main resistance to change these patterns. Have you had inner battles with your own self saying I need to change this, but I can do it one more time and then this happens for the 100th time? Or I like this one – you decide to change everything at once and about 3 days in you are like – hell with this.

STOP the insanity. Start simply by taking one single inspired action today. Make your own coffee with less sugar, take an extra class today rather then drink to feel good, pack your lunch and maybe grab a bag of popcorn rather then the Cheetos. Don’t do all of them – just pick one and stick with it for a week. Then try something else. When you succeed at one simple choice – your inner thoughts begin to believe in you again and then begin to add more slowly. The resistance will begin to falter and with time – you will succeed.

Let’s make today amazing folks. I always invite you to take advantage of us as trainers, we can offer you that service, accountability, and knowledge you need for goal achievement. If you know of anyone else that may need it, we would love the referral. We have some amazing programming coming up such as our Rise of the Phoenix (, info session this Saturday at 10 a.m.

As always Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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