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Imagine- Motivate- Realize Your Milestone!

Congratulations Beatriz on your success! Super Proud of You! Pictured above.

Imagine - Motivate - Realize Your Milestone!

March of 2020 will live in infamy. A month prior I buried my father, and I was in Dallas for the Gladiator game when the whole world went to poop and closed down from COVID. From my hotel room I called an emergency meeting with my team at eVOLV then a live feed video via social media to eVOLV’s clients, friends and whomever else needed to hear about our strategy moving forward. I was completely and utterly scared, lost, and really didn’t know what was going to happen with eVOLV, my family and for those I cared.

I took action and lots of it. Some of the steps I took worked well, some did not. There were some extremely scary moments when looking at our bank account and having to deliver on my promise of payroll being delivered EVERY FRIDAY! I missed 2 with less than 3 days late – but I made them! This type of stress can be exhausting. Try handling it for over two years and then when you think things are getting better – BOOM – another lockdown/mask mandate/different virus/war – you name it, it has happened.

The unrelenting barrage of poop can has caused many of my fellow gym owners to give up and quit. 40% of my industry is gone and I understand why. I did something different though and I wish to share.

That same month, March of 2020, I wrote on my board in back of my desk a vision of what I imagined eVOLV would be like every year until 2028. I then made up my mind that vision was going to come true no matter what I had to do to get to it. Each milestone has a KPI that I can measure for every year in my business. These same Key Performance Metrics I use today, and we measure them weekly with my team.

I am proud to say that we are ahead by one year with the end goal being in 2028, when I turn the big 50, eVOLV will be completely debt free and eVOLV will be the Southwests premier fitness experience. There are many more details than this, but you get the point.

This vivid vision allows me an intrinsic motivation that allows me to sustain such a brutal business environment for our industry. This motivation is what allows me the drive to eventually realize my 2028 milestone that I know I can achieve.

This same process of imagine – motivate and realize can be used in your desired goals and outcomes. You must first really imagine yourself achieving whatever you are trying to achieve. You have to imagine what you will look like and feel like when you achieve it. Once you believe you can, you are right! This will allow you the internal motivation necessary when times get rough. This is the mindset that I always talk about. This is what you need in order to realize your goals. No one or no thing can motivate you for the long run. It has to come from inside you and one way to find that motivation is to be vividly clear of your desired outcome.

Action Items:

1. With the one thing you desire to achieve – write a page in a journal – get it on paper – of what your vision looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like and you get my drift. Be real about it and go deep into about why you want to achieve it.

2. Then get even more detailed about it every day. Then put it on a board somewhere where you can see it daily. Read it daily, weekly, monthly or whatever you need to keep that internal motivation moving forward.

3. Then do the work and act. If one action doesn’t work, try another and then another until you find what works.

eVOLV is not for everyone in regard to fitness but I am damn sure it works for those that like our unique way of providing our own fitness experience. Maybe its time for you to act and more action with the trainers of eVOLV by your side! I know we can help!

I invite you to check out our eVOLV Strong with C.J. Podcasts Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to keep wellness front and center of your thoughts. The only charge is to subscribe, rate, and share! More information below.

Our schedule of wellness is as follows:

Monday – eVOLV’s Newsletter covering “Healthy Habits” & recipes.

Tuesday – eVOLV with C.J. Podcast & a Positive Member Highlight

Wednesday – C.J.’s Wellness Blog (the one you’re reading today)

Thursday – eVOLV with C.J. Podcast

Friday – eVOLV’s Newsletter giving you a weekend healthy recipe!

These pieces are meant to help remind you that your health is critical in this thing called life! These tidbits of information are here to help inspire you to make the right decisions during your day. Use them! Share them! Subscribe to them!

Speaking of being inspired, the 2022 Rise of the Phoenix Fitness Show and Extravaganza is right around the corner! I invite you to come and help celebrate the successes of this year’s participants April 23, 2022, at the Crowne Plaza Albuquerque on University and Menaul with doors opening at 6 pm MST. Here is a link to purchase this year’s tickets (THEY ARE SELLING OUT SO DO IT NOW):

I’ll see you again tomorrow on eVOLV Strong with C.J. Podcast!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV and UpMo Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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