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I Messed Up...

Yes, your normally well put together, nothing but detail oriented and amazingly well-behaved trainer C.J. – ME – messed up! What that means though – is I still need your help for one more day! The Fed-Ex Grant does not close until midnight tonight for voting! This means – please VOTE!!!

Now that I got that out of the way and admitted my mess-up, lets chat a bit about taking ownership of one’s mistakes and decisions. Although I kid around about being perfect all the time in my classes, I am one of the most perfectly imperfect persons you will ever meet. I believe it adds wonderful character to who I am. I learned to love my imperfections. When I took ownership of my past mistakes, bad judgment calls and decisions, my entire life changed.

Today I am proud of my past as I have learned from it. Also being real with my past has allowed me to be much more real in the eyes of those I serve because I don’t put up a front to anyone. It allows for real connection with my clients knowing that I have been there and done that. My current situation allows me to inspire those needing a little hope knowing where I have come from and where they may be starting.

I can normally tell if an individual will be successful or not in their desire to change by if they take ownership of their past decisions and how many excuse’s they use in talking about why they are where they are. Once you get real and admit that you are a culmination of your own decisions, only then can real substantial change occur. It’s that “A-Ha” moment in life. It also takes courage to admit it and that courage is what is needed to get out of your comfort zone to change.

Only until you admit that it was your decision to eat the donuts, not workout and stay up all night during the last year and stop blaming COVID, only then can you take the next step to change. Only when you admit that you only have yourself to blame can you move forward. Are you ready yet? Am I speaking the truth, and does it sting a little? I have been there and done that, so I speak from experience. I am pointing a finger, but others are pointing right back at me.

The trainers here at eVOLV understand that it is our job to point out that it is only you who can change. It is also our job to help you light the fire inside, the driver, from where you draw energy for sustainable results day in and day out. I cordially invite you to allow us to help! We stand ready!

Give us a call today 505-872-3408 to schedule a free consultation with one of us to get you moving again. We have many programs that meet your budget – just stop making excuses! If you are already a member first off thank you, second off allow one of our coaches to accelerate your progress or assist you in getting to your next level! You won’t be disappointed.

I look forward to your call!!!

From my heart to yours, Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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