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I'm Worried...Very Worried!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

It was 2:30 a.m., 2 hours before I normally wake, when all of a sudden, my subconscious wakes me about some trivial matter that seems to have gotten the best of me. Unfortunately, my mind was not going to slow down until I thought about things a little more. It was about 3:45 am that I fell asleep just to be rudely awoken by my alarm at 4:30 am.

This has been happening more frequently these days and I know I am not alone. Although the recovery has begun and the future looks brighter then it has in a long time, I can’t seem to get my mind to rest. Does this sound familiar?

The problem is that it is critical I find rest. With my schedule being so physical and the keenness of mind needed running a business – if I lose one night’s rest – it is devastating. I am sure that you all are reading this can relate on some level.

Not only does lack of rest and recovery effect my clients and my team, but it also affects me too. Like I have stated in my prior blogs, I tend to forget about me while caring for so many others.

I was told at one time that the mind is like a trash can. When it fills to the brim without emptying that it begins to smell bad and lots of critters begin to feed on the surroundings. In my case it seems that the flow into the trash can seems to have doubled in the last year and continues to grow in intensity.

I have no doubt that with the support of my amazing team and my loved ones, that I can handle all that is coming my way. That is not the concern. The concern is in the moment when it is happening and how to manage the barrage of thoughts/emotions/concerns in my mind. Hell, I preach to my clients to workout, do yoga, go for a hike, play with the dog, all of which I do so why in the hell do I wake at 2:30 am in the morning still?

Well, I’m human and I care. I believe that is why this is happening because I don’t want to let anyone down as things get busier and busier. See I know what it is, and I know why it is happening. Now the questions lie – how do I handle the worry? How do I handle the stress loads? How do I care for myself too?

This is a saga that will continue on I’m fairly certain as we regrow and repair from last year. I do know that these emotions and thoughts would be the death of me if I didn’t have the workouts here at eVOLV and the support of my tribe and loved ones. It is the passion behind what eVOLV stands for that motivates me to continue forward and make progress daily. This is the beauty of our community! This is why we will succeed moving forward.

This is why I know that eVOLV is a solution not to solve all your problems but to help you handle that which life throws at you. The community of eVOLV offers support, knowledge, and a release unlike any others. The trainers of eVOLV know exactly how to bring the best out of you even if you hate them in the moment. Like I stated in my last blog – all you need to do is act! Maybe its time to either step up your training, begin your training or just get a refresher from one of us! Your first session is always free and if you wish to try us out “again” just ask! We stand ready to help! Just call or show up!

We have some amazing programming coming to you in the near future both tried and true and new. Our class schedule continues to develop, our Rise of the Phoenix programs continue to provide amazing results, our personal training is second to none along with all the tried-and-true services you have come to expect from us. Up and coming we have our first ever eVOLV Talks on August 8th, we have our pre-thanksgiving 8-week Phoenix challenge starting in 5-6 weeks, Sedrick & Caleb's Youth Summer Camp and I’m taking eVOLV to Cancun in September – click here for more information: All of these new and exciting events, programs and adventures coming soon!

Knowing all of these exciting programs and classes, I invite you to take advantage of our Summer Special happening right now! We have 2 left! Only 2! Then it will be gone! You pay for 10 months of any membership, and you get 2 months FREE! Yes 2 months of eVOLV for FREE!!! E-mail me now to take advantage of this amazing offer! or call me 505-872-3408 NOW!!!

Love the hell out of all of you – Remember Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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