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I’m So Fu*&ing Tired!

Congratulations Alan on your Success! Super proud of you!

I’m So Fu*&ing Tired!

Pardon my foul mouth but man I am tired as hell. I’m not kidding. These 4 am mornings to 8 pm nights 5 days a week, then ½ days on weekends, have me dragging! Then add the fact that I am cutting my weight drastically in order to compete November 19 at the Battle of the Gods! Holy Moly Batgirl!

How many times do you find yourself saying this same kind of stuff but somehow you find the will and the way to just keep moving? This is how I do it!


I am honored and I am humbled at the fact that I have the clients who desire to have me available during these times! I am grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves at the moment and I am hell bound and determined to not disappointment those who have put their faith and trust in me!

I survived a fitness business through the pandemic. I survived a fitness business through a broken partnership. I survived a fitness business during a major construction project. I have been to the other side, and I know I never wish to go back! This is my driver!

Now that I have refined my craft to a service that is undeniably superior to most (there is always someone out there smarter and better at any point and time) I know that I can deliver on my promises. The only constraint is time. This leads to the feelings of fatigue especially when I use movement through fitness as my tool delivering inspirational experiences that improve my client’s lives. If this is all I have to deal with – I am seriously blessed.


I have an amazing partner! I am able to care for my mother and my family. I have the most amazing dogs in the world – Happy Pet’s Day btw. I have an amazing team of professionals that support my efforts. I have my health and well-being. I have the most fabulous crazy ass friends in the world. I have a ton to be thankful for and these are blessings.

Action items:

How do you get through tedious and grueling times in your life?

You need to find your driving force!

You need to list things often for that which you are grateful.

You also need to acknowledge your real blessings in life!

Make today amazing folks. Make today memorable and fun! Make a difference in not for you for someone else today with a smile or acknowledgement of kindness!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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