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I’m sitting here crying like a baby – for real!

I’m sitting here crying like a baby – for real!

Right before COVID hit, I moved into a home that was stretch for me at the time. It was large enough so I could care for my father during his passing. It also allowed me to keep my family with me during what would be the COVID period where I was able to care for them and keep them close.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year, the owner wished to sale the property and I was given first opportunity. Again, this is quite the stretch for me coming out of two negative years in the fitness business and unable to get traditional financing due to the losses incurred on my tax returns. Since April I have had so many doors shut on me it hasn’t been funny trying to go the traditional route. It became very disheartening and the stress levels of having to find a place that would house my entire family and dogs became overwhelming.

I always have lived by the saying that I will never give up on that which I find important. Through much stress, heartache, and lots of fear, I was able to push through and with my friend and banker, Rob Mangone, I was able to get the deal done. Yes, it took me over six months of craziness and hoops to go through, but I was able to finally get all parties to agree.

I have one final step which is actually signing the documents, which should be done in about 10 days, but for all intense and purposes, the deal is agreed to, and we have a date for closing! I never realized the type of devils at the new levels in life we have to battle would be so draining and tiring. I work my booty off so I can give my family a great life. That hard work and pure hell bound determination has paid off on this small step in my life’s journey.

I write this so you too can have hope that for whatever dream you may have in life, if you don’t give up, you can achieve it even when all the odds are against you.

Action Items:

Keep trying!

Keep pivoting of the actions you are taking are not working!

Never give up!

From my heart to yours – Your Trainer – C.J.

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