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I'm Pissed...

I’m Pissed…

It all started yesterday around noon when I went home for lunch and to take my normal 30-minute nap. Yes, I do nap regularly – 4 am rise to 7 pm finish with at least 2-3 hours of classes – this old man. quires a nap so don’t judge! Right when I was falling asleep my dog Sugar begin to bark in the back yard right next to my window startling me awake. Being C.J. with a short fuse, I got up and proceeded to beat the hell out of her (I’m kidding – I would never hit my dog in that manner – but I sure wanted to.) I did though proceed to do what I was supposed to have done while I sleep, allow her into her kennel with me in my room where she wanted to be in the first place, and we nap together.

See I deterred from the norm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she would not bark, and I was lazy and didn’t do what I knew I should have, trying to rush the process. Because of this I did not get my normal nap and had to keep going into the early hours of the evening.

Secondly, I have two rules with my team when working with me directly:

1. Never lie to me

2. Be on time

I can handle anything else except for those two golden rules and EVERYONE on my team knows. When I personally allow either to slide and allow grey to appear, I myself begin to fester about the issue at hand and then I begin to boil and eventually it explodes pretty seriously. These two rules were tested last night causing further frustration and festering.

I don’t blame my team; I blame myself because I am the one who deviated from the very black and white rules and have been easy on some who challenge them.

Finally, I moved my mother and my brother in with me to care for them during my fathers passing and also during COVID for multiple reasons. I get home and upon entry after a day, a very vocal and opinionated discussion occurred about our Christmas Tree and a lot of “to-do’s” were put on my plate. I stayed quiet rather than placing the duties back on those I feel need to have them in a household I run.

Once again, I don’t blame my family, it was I who stayed quiet and did not state my opinion. It was my inaction that allowed the situation to escalate to where I am at today! I feel pissed.

I write this as a reminder that we all are the culmination of our past inaction and actions, and I too fall victim to trying to please others rather than doing what is good for me and ultimately the grander plan of things. I write this to relate to you as another imperfect human getting through life on life’s terms but also learning everyday from my mistakes – just like you. I share because I think it is important to know that you are not alone on the bad days and on the good days!

All will be corrected today, but I sure do wish upon reflection that I would have taken different actions. My lessons learned are:

· Don’t take short cuts,

· Do not allow anyone to challenge your values,

· State your position and stand your ground when you know it’s right!

I hope that by relating to my story that you can use my lessons learned in your day which I know will improve your mental wellness at least.

Thank you for always supporting eVOLV & Upward Motion.

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team Upward Motion & eVOLV!


If you feel you can abide by my 2 cardinal rules – LOL – I’d love to have you on our amazing team. We are accepting applications to our 6 Week Personal Training Apprentice Program led by Exercise Scientist Cody Lagos. Upward Motion & eVOLV Trainers are now one of the most sought-after Fitness Professionals in the Southwest. As of today, there are only 6 slots left. Please send a resume to and answer the following questions in a cover letter:

1. Who are you?

2. What is your fitness passion?

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