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I'm 45 Now What?

Reaching forty-five has been an epic journey. One of challenge, humiliation, and lots of failure. It has also been one of joy, love and earned pride. This epic journey could not have had one side without the other and because of the super lows and super highs, I have lived a life that has prepared me for what I have been able to accomplish today.

We are always at a crossroads in our life. Most individuals by this time are retiring from their 20–30-year careers and going onto to something different. Most of my clients, which majority are in my age group, are in a crisis of some sort, meaning they have gotten themselves stuck and need help getting out. I had the distinct opportunity to fail big, face very public humiliation and struggle with addiction incredibly early on in life. Let’s just say I never want to go back and the tools I have learned in order not to do so I teach daily to those who seek my help.

I also have surrounded myself with some of the best people in the world. Also, when making business decisions I make sure that those I invest in are of like mind desiring to help people better themselves.

I believe very strongly that there is so much more to experience after 45 and I want my body, mind, and spirit in its’ best condition in order for me to achieve that which I know I can. I want to inspire not only 1,000’s but millions of people to better themselves through our world-class fitness programming delivered by our best-in-class trainers and professionals. I want to provide my team the resources they need, develop them further and give our clients wellness experiences that improve their lives beyond their wildest dreams.

The next five years is going to be the best you have ever seen. It starts now though with 2022’s Rise of the Phoenix kickoff/informational Saturday November 27th @ 10 am MST. for more information. You do not want to miss out and please let everyone of your friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone you think may benefit know about our signature experience. I/We need your help and would appreciate your efforts.

I’m 45 and you are what age? Allow Rise of the Phoenix and the team of professionals of Upward Motion and eVOLV to help you make the rest of your life unbelievable. Rise of the Phoenix and our Personal Training programs are designed for just that. Whilst you will lose weight and tone up, your self-confidence and pride with once again ignite allowing you a new lease on life. You will once again understand pride through accomplishment, and you will be supported the entire way with our community of likeminded individuals.

Take advantage of our Black Friday deals too! You pay $100 for a Gift Certificate, and you get $120 value. This bonus can be used on any Personal Training package, Rise of Phoenix Challenge and Ticket Sales, Membership or other service provided at both our Upward Motion Studios and eVOLV Strong. This is an extremely good deal and a great “Christmas Gift!” So, tell your loved ones or give the gift of eVOLV while supporting our trainers and mission. This deal is once a year only and will occur on Friday November 26 and Saturday November 27 ONLY! We will send a link via text, e-mail, social media and more on both days. Our phone lines will be open as well and you may e-mail us to reserve too. We again would appreciate your support while offering you a great BONUS on your investment into your wellness.

Watch out for our special Thanksgiving Day Schedule at both Upward Motion and eVOLV Strong. As always friends, family and foes are FREE and welcome. Virtual options will be available. A shameless plug – I will be teaching 8 am RISE and 9 am HEAT on Thanksgiving and the rest of the team will be providing their amazing fitness experiences that you can catch on our schedules via our websites below.

It’s time to make the rest of your life unbelievable by reaching out to us today! We stand ready to help!

From my heart to yours – Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be Upward Motion & eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team UpMo/eVOLV

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