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I have zero patience and zero consistency. Sound familiar?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

It was noon and I arrived at my home to my mother being quite insistent, that’s being kind knowing my mother, that my father’s hair be cut. After she left to go to work or the casino – it was always one or the other – I started the process of getting it done. So, I lifted him off his bed and put him in his scooter wheelchair. I took him to my living room and made sure he was stable and up right and gave him some Cheetos to snack on – those were his favorite. I then went and got my trimmer, scissors, a blade and shaving cream with a towel and hot water. I had every intent of making my father look awesome. Unfortunately, when I was done, he looked like a lawn mower went through his head.

This though is a memory that I will never forget. I remember him enjoying the hot towel around his head and I remember the feeling of pure love I had during that moment with him. It was one of the fondest memories I have, just he and I, in an intimate father and son moment in his final days.

Being there for my father during the final 6 months of his life has been something I am most proud of in my life. I moved he and my mother in with me and have been able to be there for them both to this day for my mother.

During the final months of my father’s life, my schedule was to care for him from noon to 5 am the following day and work from 5 am to noon at eVOLV. The job was grueling and very physical with my father. I was the one to pick him up off the floor after numerous falls off the bed in middle of the night. I am the one who changed his linens on his bed numerous times a day and at 3:30 am every morning before work. I am the one who gave him his final bath the day of his passing.

I also had to deal with the family emotionally while caring for my own emotions as well. Then I still had to care for my business, my clients, and my employees.

I realize today that if my mind, my spirit, and my body were not at its’ prime, I would never have been able to do what I was able. I would have let my family, my father and myself down. I didn’t though and I was not only able to care for just my father but for all those around me as well. Of course, I had support, but I mentally, physically, and emotionally handled the majority and for that I am proud.

See wellness and fitness are not just about looking pretty or feeling good, its about your ability to handle that whichever is coming your way without hesitation. If someone would have told me just five years ago that I was going to have do what I did with my father, I would have never believed them.

Are you able and ready? Are you capable to handle that which is thrown at you? Are you confident in yourself and your abilities?

We are here for you, and this is what we do. May I suggest you reach out to us and have a chit chat about where you’re lacking. We can help. We have great coaches that can help and guide you accordingly. Speaking of great coaches, Donovan Porterie is leading our next 8-week challenge called Flight. It starts July 24, 2021. This may be just the program you need to help you with consistency and patience! Click on this link to learn more:

I have also included a message with some great breakfast ideas from our Nutritionist Christine Conlin below. We stand ready to help – all you have to do is reach out.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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