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I Cried This Weekend....

A good friend of mine had one of his most challenging weeks last week. His father was diagnosed with pancreatitis Saturday of last week, by Monday he was pronounced dead.

Friday, I had the honor and privilege to attend a celebration of life he and his family held for his father. It was the first time I had been to a funeral since my father’s passing a little over a year ago. I did not realize how emotional I would become. Even though a band was playing, and friends and family were gathered, just seeing his mother grieve and him trying to hold everything together for his mom brought back way too many memories which then triggered the emotions.

I once again was thrown back to the days of caring for my father and then having to handle the logistics of his death after. I know the challenges he faces as he becomes the son who more then likely will care for his family now. I know the difficulties and decisions he will have to make as life moves on and the memory of his father fades.

It is in these moments that I cherish who I still have with me. It makes me appreciate my crazy ass mother and my ding-dong of a brother. My lesbian nation as cousins are a treasure in my eyes and I again realize simple gifts of friendship I possess in this world. I realize how amazing the community of eVOLV really is and how strong it has become. My heart is whole again with my new partner and happiness abounds. It is the power of the life I currently possess that can so easily be gone tomorrow that makes me realize what is profoundly important in life!

I also realize the importance of health. My fathers passing was long and arduous with his pulmonary heart disease and diabetes. Seeing my friends father passing at only 52 years reminds me that we only get this one body and when it fails – you are gone. He no longer suffers, my father no longer suffers, it is the ones they leave behind that do.

He was young and had a lot of life left. So do you! Don’t wait for a heart attack, a hip break, a disease that could have been prevented! Take control of your health today!

There is hope and there is a way no matter where you find yourself. That is the beauty of fitness and what we do! Our trainers and team of professionals are second to none. We will improve your life with our methods! We promise.

Your job – call and set up an appointment today. If not for you – maybe for someone you love who needs it. 505-872-3408 or First times are always free.

Your call my friend! Your Call!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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