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How to Quit Snacking!

A similar question for me would be, how to quit breathing? I’m dead serious! There are cookies in the gym – C.J.’s eating them. There’s candy on a desk – C.J.’s eating them. Someone brings food “for the trainers” – C.J.’s a trainer, so C.J. eats them! I’m dead ass serious! It is infuriating that I have so little self-control!

This is a timely conversation because I start my official competition “Shredding” phase on Monday! See how I used a word that is also the name of one of the most successful fitness programs out there! Pretty brilliant, huh! Enough tooting my little horn! LOL! Anyways back to serious conversations.

For me, it is all or nothing. Jeff Erway, the owner of Le Cumbre, succinctly said, “tell me to take a month off of alcohol – I’m o.k. Tell me I can only have one beer a night – F-YOU!” Well said, Jeff. Well said.

For the next two months, I will say NO to any weekend event I am invited to (except ICB – one of my KaKaKaDaKa dance weekends). I will say no to any dinners out. I will not even look at any food in the house other than what I eat. I will say no to anything that anyone makes for me. This is, so I compete well on March 25th. I want to perform well and to look as good as I need. There is absolutely NO SNACKING! I will stick to my two meals daily, and that’s it! Period.

For those needing help with snacking, I would first ask why you need it. Is it a habit? Is it because you are hungry? Is it for a reason other than – because? How often have we gorged and felt stuffed? Why is it we can’t feel a little hungry? If losing weight is your goal – stop the insanity! Do you need the snack?

Ask this question to yourself! I know my reason. It is a habit and I have no self-control! How do I handle this? I stop cold turkey. Period. I can hear some of you now – well C.J. – blah blah blah blah! STOP! You want to lose weight, but you have to feel hungry! No other way out of it!

This comes off rough, but its for a short period, and I believe in you! Actually, it could be better. Yes, I sneak a snack-size chocolate now and again. But I am very cognizant of what I am doing! Perfection is not the name of the game. It is having your goal in mind and reaching it! Then have snacks again! Then if you want to lose weight again – repeat the process!

We are here to help! Reach out! I will see you all hear soon!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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