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How To Handle Travel & Not Gain the Holiday Weight!

How To Handle Travel & Not Gain the Holiday Weight!

It is that time of year when our regular routines are thrown out the window, all for a good cause! Unfortunately, these breaks in patterns, including travel, can wreak havoc on our fitness schedules which generally lead to weight gain! How do we manage these breaks in patterns?

I will be the first to admit – this is tougher than shit to manage! It is not impossible. I just got back from Denver for just one evening. You would think I could handle two trips of about six hours in a vehicle and not cheat! Hell no! I had ice cream, chips, and a ton of other “travel convenience” food. It is tough not to cheat when bored in a car, truck, plane, or train! I did, however, maintain my weight. Here is how.

A couple of non-negotiables when traveling:

You have to move daily. I got my workouts in before I left and when I arrived. I did not skip this! YOU MUST MOVE DAILY! No excuses! It also helps to get out of the house/hotel and away from all your family/friends. This helps me as I need my alone time, and I need my stress relief!

During travel, I allow myself to eat what I want. Then when I can plan my meals accordingly, I make healthier choices. I skipped dinner the night we arrived and ate light the night we returned. So plan the meals when you arrive, and if you can’t – make better decisions wherever you go!

Make plans to where you walk, jog, and are active during your stays! Don’t just be a couch potato and make things fun! Take your guests with you! Walk the festival of lights, walk the malls, walk block! Do physically fun activities.

Plan your alcohol intake! Don’t be a lush team, and try not to go overboard! This is tough for most due to lowered inhibitions once you start. If you are like me, it takes a lot of alcohol to handle my family! LOL! But try!

Lastly – NEVER SAY YOU ARE ON A DIET ON THE HOLIDAYS! I hate this! Eat, Drink, Be Merry –do the actions I stated in 1-4, and then get your ass back on track come January!

Speaking of 2023, I invite you to the ROP informational meeting this Saturday at 10 a.m. here at eVOLV and via Zoom. More information here:

Also, please come have a drink with the eVOLV Family this Saturday at noon for our holiday potluck! We would love to see you here!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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