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Hey Over Achiever! Yes You! Less is More - Promise!

Hey Over Achiever – Yes You – Less is More – Promise!

Are you already feeling the sense of overwhelm with your New Year’s Resolutions?

· Wake at 5 am – Resolution #1

· Meditate at 5:05 am – Resolution #2

· Walk my dog/husband at 5:10 am – Resolution #3

· Meal Prep for the Day – Resolution #4

· Hit a class at 6 am – Resolution #5

· Off to work EARLY – Resolution #6

· Be Nice to My Team – Resolution #7

· Not Kill the Boss – Resolution #8

· Mindfulness Break – Resolution #9

· Not Drink an Energy Drink/Diet Coke – Resolution #10

· Make Kids Afternoon Practice – Resolution #11

· NOT DRINK ALCOHOL to handle all the obligations I have set myself up for failure with above – Resolution #12-20!

You getting my point yet?

Although all these are great, if you haven’t built up to this type of schedule, I have a severe warning!


Why do you think that when we start Rise of the Phoenix that the only non-Negotiables at the beginning are scheduling and doing 4 hours of workout a week (even broken down into 15 min daily increments if needed) and logging your nutritional intake? This is it! If some Guru is telling you to clean out your cupboards, by a whole new set of foods/supplements/meal replacements and/or having you do 20 hours in the gym – RUN the other way!

In the 22 years of being in this business – small pivots are best when trying to achieve maximum long-term success. I know I know you want it all and yesterday! STOP BEING AN OVERACHIEVER! Small habit formations over time have a “compound effect” and is much more sustainable for many reasons then trying to do it all at once. It’s like trying to run a marathon when you haven’t even put your workout shoes on in over a year. Injury/Burn-out/Failure is inevitable - so stop.

Do this instead. Focus on the main areas of your life that effect your Health, Relations & Finances. Now for each write down 3-5 milestones (never goals – these are finite) then erase all of them except the most important one for each area. Then think of one action you can take daily to achieve that milestone for each and do that one action. This is 3 actions daily that over time will grow in definition and scope but at a pace that is much more sustainable and achievable.

An example would be a loss of 20 lbs. this year. A simple action would be to log diet, so I know I am not going over 1,500 calories daily as I spoke to my trainer who told me to start here! Now the remaining actions will be based on that overarching milestone! Much simpler and much more doable.

In my own organization I have one overarching “milestone” I have set for 2022 for my team. It is simple:

Achieve and Sustain a 90% Retention Rate for Our Clientele!

That’s it. Nothing more. Now everything we do as a team must get us to that point. This means every resource I provide my trainers has to make certain that our clients get only the Best Fitness Experience that they cannot afford to lose due to value creation and never wish to leave because they love it so much. Now I have to provide the education/training/resources to my team in order to do that along with measure constantly and evaluate all areas that provide this type of experience to our clients.

It’s simple, measurable, attainable, I’m the responsible party and we will achieve this within the next 6 months and keep forever more.

Now there is a lot more that goes into this and as we get better and better at it the expectations become greater and greater but at this point my team will be able to handle it. This same rule applies to you all as well.

Now scrap your 10–20-point resolution list and get to work on your top 3! I am certain this will make life much more “doable” and enjoyable and have fun along the way. It is way too short not to focus on that which really makes a long-term difference in your overall health and happiness.

Speaking of an overarching goal with guidance along the entire way that is life changing – our last informational session is this Saturday at 10 am MST for the 2022 Rise of the Phoenix! This program has a robust virtual component that you can do from anywhere and the value received based on your investment is the best deal in the U.S.! has more information and the Zoom link if you can’t make it in person. Please let your friends know as well.

Our trainers are recognized as the best in the southwest due their respective talents and the high standards and training we have here at UpMo and eVOLV! If you need the boost, you so desire, just e-mail me for a free hour with one of your choice so we can help with speeding up your desired results. That’s what you’re looking for in a trainer right? Speed, Knowledge & Accountability?

Happy New Year – Let’s make 2022 the best ever, WE NEED IT & YOU DESERVE IT!

From my heart to yours, Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be UpMo & eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team

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