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Have You Missed Me?

Did you miss me? I missed you – and I’m serious! Spending 7 full days with your mother and family in close quarters and a vehicle will drive anyone insane! Kidding – but not really.

I had a blast, I drank too much, I ate too much, and I indulged in just about all that which I desired. Most importantly I achieved my goal of not killing my mother and family.

I am extremely glad to be home and to back in the saddle. Running your own business, its quite difficult to decompress. Also, when your used to such an active lifestyle – the indulgences become old quickly especially the following days being a tad bit hung over and super bloated. So yes, I am glad to be back and amongst all of you!

Even though I was on vacation and I did stay at places where there was a workout facility (I did workout 6 of the 7 days – one day I just couldn’t if you know what I mean), I still felt blah. Too much drinking with me causes some serious anxiety as well. That’s why I really do it in moderation.

For all these reasons I started eVOLV Destinations. What is this you ask? Well let me tell you. About 9 years ago I headlined my first fitness cruise and then subsequently destinations throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. Since locating here on Candelaria, I had temporarily stopped these destination events and then COVID hit when planning our first one out. Well, COVID seems to more manageable, and everyone wants to travel so here we go!

I cordially invite you September 16th through September 21st to Cancun Mexico. We will be staying at the Hyatt Zilara, a beautiful all-inclusive resort. Each day while at this location we will begin with a Sunrise Yoga, then around midmorning/noon to the pool for a water aerobics course or to one of the many fitness related activities such as kayaking or snorkeling. Then in the evening we will use of the rooms for an exciting fitness class, each day being different. These events are obviously interchangeable and dependent on weather but guaranteed to be fun, energizing and refreshing. You will be amongst fitness enthusiasts and will have a blast!

Yes, there will be tons of alcohol, but you will work it off! Also, we will be at sea level so its tough getting a hang-over. I can hear Sandra saying – “are you challenging me?” LOL!

This event is being put together by our very own Kim and Rose with Pavlus Travel. If you wish to have more information, use this link now:

Now we have an incredibly special day coming up – Memorial Day! All holidays we give back to our community and every class we offer is FREE! Invite your friends and family and let’s celebrate together! Our schedule is below!

Until then our offer always stands of inviting you to take advantage of a free class, a free ½ hour with one of our trainers to discuss your goals and we are just here if you need us! We are ready to inspire you!

See you all here soon! Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV :: :: :: 505-872-3408

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