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Have you ever felt disgust?

One of the main reasons I work out is so this boy can eat and drink a beer every now and again. Normally though I prepare about 90% of my meals and very seldom do I use any ingredient from a package. I religiously shop on the outside aisles of the marketplace (for the exception of spices.) Fresh meat, veggies, dairy and the beer aisle on weekends are my staple.

Now that is the 90% but oh boy – the other 10% - jeez louis! After one of those nights/days man I feel absolutely “disgusted” in myself. Do you know that feeling? Even after a few beers I feel bloated, fluffy, and totally disgusted in myself most of the time. See though – for the most part I am about 90% good with my diet and my regimen. I have no clue of why I beat myself up the other 10% of the time just being human.

Now I get it – some people only shop in the middle aisles and beer/wine/liquor are daily staples of the diet with truly little exercise. This type of behavior leads to chronic illness both mental and physical but only until that individual wishes to change – only then that person will. This person must get tired of being tired. Get my drift?

When one lacks compassion the feeling of disgust prevails. I am speaking about compassion for oneself. I have always believed that weight is a by product of some type of emotion or another and until we learn to have compassion not just for others but for ourselves only then will the behaviors causing weight gain can change. I know that sounds deep.

For the 10% of the time I feel like poop because of my poor decisions I can see how this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for a lot of individuals and why people just give up then the cycle begins again. Then when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we feel disappointed and hopeless.

Long story short – understand that we are human, and we must begin to feel compassion not only for others but more importantly for ourselves. We tend to care for others more then our own selves – the mother syndrome. Does this ring true to some of you?

Let us begin by taking care of ourselves by being kind and compassionate with our current circumstances and begin making a single better choice every day. Nothing dramatic to begin but continue to do so daily with this simple understanding that you yourself are worth it and worth the compassion you give so easily to others.

We at eVOLV stand ready to help you in this process if you need. We look forward to our continued relations with you and I hope this offers a little inspiration to you if needed. We are only an e-mail/message/phone call/visit away.

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team

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