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Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven!

Congratulations Daniel on your success! Super Proud of You! Pictured above

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven!

Today would have been my fathers 77th birthday.

There is not a day that goes by that I would love to have him:

· Drop into the studio and just sit wherever I was at the time no matter what I was doing and just spark a conversation,

· Call me with some stupid corny joke that I would tell everyone else that day,

· Take me to a hole in the wall New Mexican café and eat red and green chili,

· Simply hug me and say how proud he was of me.

Action Item:

1. Live life like tomorrow may not come. We all have an inevitable end and days like today remind of this. Time is the absolute most valuable resource we have so live life like you wish for it to be.

2. Stop living small!

3. Stop taking for granted your health.

My fathers final ten years, yes, I said ten, were pretty bad. He dealt with diabetes, heart disease and suffered numerous strokes causing his quality of life to suffer greatly. As a fitness professional I dedicate my life to help others quality of life improve dramatically. You just have to do the work. You just have to show up.

As I remember my father today and I remember the amazing memories he gave me, I also remember why I do what I do. My family’s health has always been poor, and it was due to poor decisions. I know my fathers final ten years would have been quite different if he would have cared for himself by just making a couple of habit changes. These include deliberate movement daily, watching his diet and living live bigger than what he did. These lessons though are being used in my practice and in my life today. So, thank you Dad for continuing to teach me.

Happy Birthday Dad & Love You!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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