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Funerals are for the living my mom always says!

As I sat next to Tierney, Katherine and Laurie and Faith’s funeral today, I was trying to be as stoic as possible. I also saw Tierney trying to do the same. During communion Laurie came back to her seat and while kneeling I saw a couple of tears come down her cheek.

It was at this point I realized Laurie, a mother of beautiful children and one special needs child, had an emotional connection to Viola, Faith’s mom that only mothers could relate. I still at this point remained pretty stoic.

Then when the final goodbye was given, and the casket was rolled out all the emotions hit me at once. I remember vividly that it was I gave my father his last bath after passing. It was I who transferred him into the rolling bed into the hearse. It was I who placed the blanket over his head when it was the last time, I saw my father’s body. It was I who said the last good-bye.

Funerals are for the living. It is a ceremony to allow for closure for all parties. It should also be a reminder that those who are in attendance have been given one more day on this life and should celebrate that gift.

Faith was extraordinary in her abilities in just that. She celebrated daily no matter her circumstances. She brightened the room with her spunky personality. The priest today even equated her to a “firecracker.” We need to learn a lot from Faith and my father who both gave us so much beauty and love.

Action Items:

Be reminded by Faith’s passing that this life is fragile and it is a gift.

Live life to its fullest and make sure this one vessel we have is prepared for all that you wish to do!

Love and respect those around you!

eVOLV will be dedicating our eVOLV Talks on Sunday November 13, 2022, to Faith Cano and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Cano Family to help pay the medical and funeral expenses. eVOLV Talks is a celebration of life where five amazing ladies right here from eVOLV tell us their stories of trials to triumphs. Each talk is about 8 minutes, and they inspire us to improve ourselves and give us hope. Laurie MacGovern is a professional speech coach who refines these ladies’ presentations into world-class talks.

We would truly appreciate your support by being in attendance and by letting others know. We do have some great partnership opportunities where your businesses can be exposed to our wonderful community. If you are interested, please contact me directly or 505-872-3408. I would love to discuss opportunities with you.

Until next time – we celebrate you!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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