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Feeling Fat? You Probably Are!

I have to admit that during these stressful times, the feelings of disgust have not only been quite prevalent but very persistent.

No matter how you perceive yourself – you are what you feel in that moment. Make no mistake – if you feel fat, you are fat. If you feel strong you are strong. If you feel confident you are confident. Make sense?

It seems that during times of stress and chaos, trying to catch a break and get a feeling of relaxation and warmth are very tough. So when I say that I have felt way too often fat and old over the last year, I really mean it.

Now don’t get me wrong. In comparison to many many many many…. You get the point, others – I know I am not fat nor am I old. It just feels this way and like I said earlier – what you feel in the moment you are. Period.

The only way I know of getting out of these insanity cycles is by using my disciplined approach of daily movement, healthy eating and other cornerstone habits to pull me out. But I fail often.

It is so easy to stop by and get one of those wonderful cranberry fritters from the gas station after work on a daily basis, especially after a stressful day. Oh boy did I do that so many times during the most stressful of times and who am I kidding, I still do but I try to reduce frequency. Just Monday I had tacos, a medium blizzard, a piece of cake and a chocolate chip cookie. Yes that was just Monday! So, I woke up Tuesday and I felt fat! I was what I ate the day prior. Now today I feel good as all I ate yesterday was a turkey and veggie concoction I made.

My point is that your feelings are real, and you are what you feel. The only way to feel good about yourself is by taking massive amounts of action doing what you know is right and becoming disciplined with yourself enough to where those actions become habits. Yes we will fall off the wagon every now and again, but if we get more good days in then bad, that’s when the results we want start to happen.

So – how do you feel?

Part of the process of getting good cornerstone habits and developing discipline is by allowing the trainers of eVOLV to help. When we become your dedicated coach, we will guide you and hold you accountable as you develop the skills in order to succeed on your own. Your results are guaranteed! What do you have to lose? Call or message us today – You may also apply for a FREE Game Planning Session by clicking here:

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals! Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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