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Everything is all fuc&*d up!

Everything is all fuc&*d up!

Man, when I turn on the T.V., when I look at social media, even my business coach is talking about all the messed-up things going on in the world today! I have two coaches, one for the macro business environment and one specifically for the fitness industry. Both coaches now are setting the alarm on high for “trying and difficult” times ahead of us.

I try my best to isolate myself from the mainstream media because I control what I put into my mind in order to be at my best when I am with my clients. I don’t like coming in with a doom and gloom attitude and this kind of news will do that to me. I even have folks on my own team that provide that type of perspective, which is needed in small doses and which I appreciate.

The problem lies in when we allow this type of information to consume us and make us “All Fucked Up.” We have lived through a pandemic, although eVOLV was bruised and battered, we not only survived but refocused and refined our programming to become the only club with programming that guarantees 100% results, and our team has never been stronger. We did not succumb to the chaos around us but allowed it to galvanize us to better ourselves and take advantage of the opportunities caused by the uncertainty. Don’t get me wrong, it was shitty, and I don’t ever want to go through that again, but because we did not give up, we are a stronger community today then we have ever been.

eVOLV is an example of what to do in your own life as we continue to get scary news about our economy and our world. Focus and manage what you can control in your own life starting with your health and well-being. Stay focused on your dreams, pivot, if necessary, but don’t ever give up!

Action items:

1. Reduce the amount of “bad news” you allow into your system daily.

2. Increase the amount of learning and good information into your system daily.

3. Manage your stress through movement and good health.

4. Surround yourself with positive people (hint – eVOLV is a great place to start).


Speaking of a great community of people, eVOLV’s Shred community is one of the most positive groups around. 100% guaranteed results! I teach the classes myself and I guide you the C.J. way! LOL! Yes, this is a thing. Due to demand, I am keeping the 5 am slots open and I am opening an evening course as well this go around starting July 9th. There is room and I would love to have you with me. Virtual and In Person! for more information or

Here's to Never Giving Up!

Your Trainer – C.J.

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV & UpMo Strong!

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