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Eat the Pie... then Do This to Avoid the BULGE!

Never go into a Holiday on a diet. Yes, you heard me saying exactly what I mean. Eat the pie, drink the wine, and make it celebratory and communal. These events and times are what bring us together and there is nothing worse then having to try to limit what you eat or drink during these wonderful times.

Now there are a couple of caveats to my statement. You do need a plan. A plan before and after your Holiday fun. Here is what I recommend. As always, I must preach the two non-negotiables of weight loss/toning – 1. Log your Diet and 2. You must increase your heart rate no less then 4 hours a week (holiday season – 5-6 hours minimum.) A Thanksgiving Calendar is also included at the bottom of this blog!

The plan:

1. While logging your diet you should have max/min calorie goal. A day or two prior to your event you need to decrease your total calories per day by 250-500 calories. I suggest you speak with an eVOLV trainer to verify where you should be on this.

2. Do not miss your workouts 2-3 days prior and increase intensity/time spent on your workouts

3. Weigh yourself the day before the event and log it. Do not weigh yourself again until 4-5 days after event – it’s too alarming!

4. The day of the event:

a. Stop Logging Your Eating

b. Eat a sensible breakfast & lunch – do not go into the event hungry or thirsty

c. Get your workout in for the day – this makes you feel better all around and helps you make better decisions about your eating

d. Set a reasonable limit on alcohol intake and stick with it

e. Drink plenty of water before during and after your meal – this will help satiate you

f. Fill your large plate once – do not use small plates as you will eat more in the long run

g. Do not limit yourself on the “bad” items – there is no such thing as a “bad” item – its Thanksgiving dammit! (unless your allergic or diabetic – be careful)

h. Eat the dessert – not small pieces – the whole damn thing!!!

5. For a continual 3-5 days after:

a. Log your diet and restrict your intake by the 250-500 calories

b. Get your workouts in – no less than an hour

c. Minimize alcohol intake

d. Meal Prep

6. Weigh in on the 3-5 day after and reassess results with your trainer.

The goal is never to lose weight over the holidays. The goal is to not gain weight and not you’re your momentum on your fitness journey. Should you find yourself needing a little extra help the trainers of eVOLV stand ready! We are open and providing services – just a little different then normal. We have some amazing deals starting Black Friday on Personal Training, Membership and Gift Certificates. We would appreciate your support. Here is a direct link where you can purchase now until Monday:

Also Rise of the Phoenix may be just what you need to get back on track and it’s starts today for you! Accountability, Support and much more. We will be honoring the $299 price until Sunday and it gets you through May 1st of 2021. Here is a link for more information:

As always we are only a call 505-872-3408, e-mail or social media message away!

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong.

Respectfully Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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