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Don’t Gain the 8-10 pounds average over the Holiday! Here is your plan.

Don’t Gain the 8-10 pounds average over the Holiday! Here is your plan.

The average American gains 8-10 pounds over the next four weeks. Some of you may have experienced a spike in your weight due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get it off and maintain it over the holidays!

Starting today, you must:

Log your nutrition. Put everything you are eating into a log of some sort. I recommend MyFitnessPal. Do not do the upgrade. You can click out of that screen in the top right-hand corner. Once you know your average daily calories, reduce them, and stick with that “budget.” Please do not go over it. For example, if you eat an average of 2,500 calories daily, reduce it by at least 250 daily. This will give you a weekly 1,750-calorie deficit, which may result in a pound loss.

Move Daily! If you are beginning, plan out at least 30 minutes a day. This can be broken up into two segments of 15 minutes. For advanced, get an hour in. Again, you may break it down into 20-30 minute segments to meet your lifestyle. Make sure you are sweating, your heart rate is up, and you can barely hold a conversation for those minutes you are doing your movement. Use our free resources on or look us up on YouTube – eVOLV Strong with C.J. I would prefer you get your ass to eVOLV for the hour or zoom in! If you need info – – I’ll hook you up!

This week and next are your best bets for losing a bit of weight. I suggest an intermittent fasting schedule like the one below. This will help with insulin resistance and reset your systems to prepare for the onslaught of food coming! Make sure you check with your MD before starting this. You may also chat me up to discuss your situation at

Before any holiday party, the holiday itself, or a fun weekend, reduce your calories further. As in the example above – double it to 500 calories reduced. Get your workout the day before, the day of forcing yourself (even if hung over), to get your workout the day after your celebrations. DO NOT SKIP ON THIS! Promise it will help! On the day of the party, have a good breakfast and lunch and get a great workout in. Never go to a party hungry. Then have a blast at the party. Try not to drink everyone under the table and fill up on the good stuff for you first! The day after, reduce your calories again, and then get back on the wagon!

This is your plan of action moving forward this month, NOT to GAIN THE HOLIDAY BULGE! I can help with accountability, kicking your ass royally with proper movement and motivation. I need you to reach out!

Let’s also start planning for 2023! I can help you achieve the best version of yourself quickly and safely. Guaranteed! I need you to chat me up!

Happy Holidays Team – Your Trainer – C.J.

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