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Don't Be Mean!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Gladiator Football Players heading to playoffs!

Don't Be Mean!

As I sit here in my office upstairs before I teach my evening Shred, I am hearing the voices of about a dozen football players in the treatment room laughing, communicating, and having a fun time while getting treatment from Nancy and G! I just finished a TEDx Speaker meeting where I just found out I will be the closing presentation – The Ceej as the Grand Finale! Earlier I had an amazing presentation where I spoke with over one hundred Wellness Ambassadors kicking off a 6-week challenge withing Presbyterian. And to boot, I had a wonderful day with my team here at eVOLV as we are solving a couple of big issues together.

Yet with all this success, I had one encounter that just set my mood off to left field and while I write this, even with all the success of the day, I can’t stop thinking about it.

DON’T BE MEAN! Seriously!

I am not looking for sympathy nor do I wish to go into detail, but I am going to use this experience as my blog! We are human and it is interesting that I teach and preach this stuff daily. I had a fucking amazing day, yet I allowed one person to set me off the wrong side! How shitty is this? I allowed it! This is when I would normally try to appease them or try to make them happy, but this is not my fight, nor will I accept any blame – but in my heart I do! Damnit.

Action Item:

1. Who do you allow to steal your thunder?

2. How do you manage it when it happens?

3. What actions can you take to establish healthy boundaries?

How I am managing it – I’m going to go to my Shred class starting in about five minutes and I’m going to kick their ass royally! I will use movement as my therapy!

I invite you to get your ass kicked by me or any of the others here at eVOLV anytime!

Let’s keep this one concise and to the point!

Here’s to kicking ass – Your Trainer C.J.

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV & UpMo Strong!

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