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Covid PAIN

Covid PAIN!!!

Well as we expected we are on the horizon of some new restrictions with Covid. I have been proud that my mission to remain positive in the face of adversity to lead my team and provide positive inspiration for those we serve as our clients has remained strong. I have no intention of deviating from that cornerstone guiding principal.

Its is freaking hard though, to be honest, to remain positive when such adversity and uncertainty is occurring weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly these days. It is easy to throw up your hands and say a bad word or two and then give up. Its tough to manage that which is not priority such as exercise, maintain a diet conducive to our goals and mindfulness. I do not know about you but all I want are the comforts of donuts when things get rough because I know it offers me immediate satiation, comfort, and control. It is a quick fix that works almost all the time. It is a quick fix to look for a beer rather then pack my gym bag. It is easy to turn on the TV or watch YouTube rather than meditate and or do some yoga. I, out of everyone, get it. I am in an industry and operate a company that has been devasted by Covid and the mandates we now must operate under, and most days have become ones that I DESIRE the DONUT!!!

I wonder why most days I obligated myself to this competition I am doing in November competing as a Pro in the OCB in Rhode Island. The diet and exercise regime are intense especially having to deal with all that I stated above. Under so much adversity my will to win has overpowered the ease of giving up though. My will to maintain the positive attitude necessary to lead my team through this time has overpowered the ease of giving up as well. My personal mission of inspiring individuals like you and I both to better ourselves no matter where we are in life gets me up every morning reenergized to conquer the obstacles I face.

I have failed a couple times in life, and I realize now that I allowed the PAIN of the current circumstances and challenges to overcome my WILL to continue the fight. I simply “gave up.” This lesson has painfully stuck with me and the good aspect of this pain is that I have learned that if I just keep going, I have the aptitude, like you, to succeed at whatever that which I put my mind.

I ask you today not to give into the PAIN of Covid and all the new circumstances it has placed on us. Do not give up on yourself and especially your health. It is more critical today that your vessel is strong and ready to handle anything that comes at it especially the stress it is under. The leadership/trainers/team of eVOLV exemplify this every day and I am Proud as Hell to be part of this team. If you are ready for help or need a little guidance, we stand ready! We are in this together and we will get through it as a team.

As an aside please watch this short announcement I made reiterating the policies of eVOLV during these times. I would appreciate it.

As always Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV , 505-872-3408, – Reach out today!!!

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