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Clarification on Protein Powders!!!

Clarification on Protein Powders

So, I was approached by a couple of my personal training clients about my Monday’s newsletter and my statements about protein powder. I’d like to clarify a few of my understandings and beliefs about protein powders….

May I remind each and every one of you about one of my favorite sayings – “Eat the Damn Donuts!” I believe very strongly that life is not worth living without being able to enjoy the wonderful joys of life such as ice cream, donuts, chocolate, beer, vodka, and anything else you desire. It is when we use it in excess without movement that things begin to go south for us.

With this said the same applies for taking the “easy” way out and supplementing real food for powders. My statement that protein powder is one of the best sources of protein in regard to concentration and ease is quite true. It is also true that my young athletes, my business executives, my male clients looking to size up, that these protein powders are needed to increase calories and provide the necessary amino acids during some of the workout’s programs I provide them.

Unfortunately for my middle-aged females looking to lose weight, the opposite is true. I have found that highly concentrated protein powders, or any other highly manufactured chemical-based powders, really wreak havoc to an already evolving hormonal echo system in middle aged females.

I am a huge advocate of the secondary and tertiary benefits of real food, real protein. Think about drinking your calories. There is no satiation of fulfillment. There is no “work” for the food. The food does not stay in your system to process slowly, it becomes very expensive pee and poop due to your organs inability to metabolize it fast enough for most females wishing to lose weight. If you are looking to lose weight in the first place – you shouldn’t need any “excess” protein. You need less! Also, the chemical makeup of most of these powders causes “weird shit” in most females I encounter that are over 40.

Now take all this knowledge to heart and make it your own. My suggestion is to get with my team and I to discuss your particular situation for your special needs! Each person is completely different, and each individual needs a specific plan.

Your action items:

1. Where are you taking the easy way out in regard to your diet.

2. Where can you plan real food into your system rather than pre-packed bars, powders, and processed foods?

We are here to help! Use us and abuse us!

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Your Trainer – C.J.

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