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Being Naked on the Beach - A Personal Story...

Naked Meaning – without the usual cover or protection.

I live my life with a couple of rules:

1. Everything I do must meet my purpose of inspiring people to better themselves.

2. 80% of what I do must be fun so I can manage the other 20%.

These last couple of years in my industry have challenged my two rules to the extreme and my hell bound persistence of “never giving up” has been my driving force fueled by the people I serve and those on my team. It has been 80% hell and 20% fun with a ton of extremes. My current covering seems to be one of stress and drive for which to keep eVOLV moving forward in these hard tides. These coverings came off these last couple of days slightly though and I found myself naked for the first time in a long time.

No, I’m not talking about being nude or without clothing (yet in my room boy – I had no clothes on the whole time.) I am talking about the shroud of worry, stress, and immense output I have had to carry for some time.

Walking along the beach on a beautiful evening with someone I love dearly, finding a hatchling of turtles being born right in front and picking them up to help get them into the ocean and then looking into the full moon – I found some peace of mind that I hadn’t in quite some time. That first night was simply amazing.

Then reality hit with managing twenty high energy females who had their own agenda’s – kidding but not kidding! LOL! I wouldn’t have changed it for the world as the memories I brought back will be life-long and the new companionships we developed will be forever.

I forget that we need breaks from our chaos. We need refueling and we need to be naked to our world every so often. This was a working trip, so I did give my all – but the ability to unwind on the beach and feel the magnitude of the world we live was amazing. I once again realized how beautiful our world can be and how it can refuel the heart and mind.

Now I know why I treat so many individuals who have allowed stress and the chaos of the world to affect them by overeating, drinking and just giving up. You don’t need a beach; you don’t need a million-dollar vacation. What you need is community, consistency of habit and a break from your norm every now and again preferably in nature. I’m sounding very yoga like right now huh. LOL! I love my yogis!

eVOLV has never been about brick and mortar, it has been about the supportive community we have developed that together inspire each other to better themselves. We just do in so many different ways. Kymm is already looking for our 2022 trip and we will have the destination picked within a couple of weeks. We will keep you all posted, and I’d invite you to go next year. Workouts are daily 8am, 10am, & noon and the rest of the day is yours – no excursions prior period next year! We meet and play has a group after.

Anyways that’s my nude experience on the beach story for you and I hope it gives a little insight of something you may need in your life. It could be a simple walk with your dog in a park with your shoes off, a drive into the Sandia’s with the window down or a hike in the Bosque to the river where you put your feet in for an hour or so. Do something for you today that allows you to be utterly naked of stress.

I look forward to seeing you all soon here at eVOLV in all our amazing classes or training with our freaking impressive trainers or continuing strong on our 28 Day Virtual Challenge! We are seeing amazing results – keep it up 28 days! Finish Strong!

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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