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Are You Resilient?

I have learned more from my failures then I have ever learned from my successes. Still today there are some that believe I am one of the worst individuals to have ever graced their presence. Some of my biggest failures have made headline news on prime-time newscasts. I even spent a couple months in a “looney-bin” when I had a total mental and physical break down. I am not joking when I disclose these facts to you nor am I ashamed any longer.

Who I am today is a culmination of that which I had to experience in my past. Each time one of these tests occurred in my life, I found the power of resilience. It has become a staple in my life and one that I am most proud.

How resilient are you?

I live a resilient purpose driven life today and I could never have found my purpose without all those trials and tribulations prior. I also would never have been able to drive my organization in this storm we call Covid with such tenacity as I have either. See those experiences of my past readied me for this perfect storm and gave me the knowledge and power of resilience.

How are you managing this storm? Are you just letting it happen or are you learning to navigate it yourself? You have a choice to give up or to find the power from within and move yourself forward no matter where you are at in your life and your goals and dreams. Make the decision to take control of your vessel, set a destination and take the first step and just keep going!

You must be resilient in these times and you must find your purpose and let that be your driving force.

Sometimes a little coaching, structure and accountability is what you need to get started. We have our Flight of the Phoenix six (6) week challenge coming up soon that may be just the perfect fit. Click here for more information:

Remember we are only a click, e-mail or call away. Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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