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A Time to Reflect & Be Grateful...

It started on Saturday when I was able to treat my family to the movie Halloween. I remember growing up when my mom would sneak in a couple of “Tabs” in her bra and candy in her purse to the movies we would see. We always had to see the $1.00 movies and only once maybe a season. It was always only her and I. My mother was an educational assistant making $3.50 an hour and my father had been laid off as a construction worker from PNM. My mother’s income was the only support we had for a family of five (5). She also worked at Lane Byrant in Winrock in the evenings and also at the union hall on the weekends. A day at the movies was a real treat and something I will never forget.

It’s a stark difference for me being able to purchase full price tickets for a 5 p.m. showing for all ten of us all the while everyone getting what they wanted at the concessions. It felt good to be able to do this for my mom and those I love as I have that ability today. Yes, I know this may sound small to some of you and over the top to others, but to me, providing experiences like this to those I love, mean the world to me.

Of course, it drained my bank account, but I work for experiences like this. Same thing applies to eVOLV! When we provide an experience such as Rise of the Phoenix, my team and I do not hold back! We make sure those experiences for our members are top notch and unforgettable. Just look at our events during the last two years of COVID. We persevered and kicked ass and last year’s event was one of the best because of the meaning behind our efforts to those we served. We also had our inaugural eVOLV Talks come out of it as well.

This year’s challenge and event promise to be even better than years past! The energy in the club is palpable and the pent-up demand in our marketplace seems unbelievable. Congratulations to Amanda K. for being the first to sign up this year – welcome back!

My entire efforts over the next 3 months will be the promotion of Rise of the Phoenix 2022! We will have our first informational session on November 27, 2022. You do not want to miss this date. On the 27th only you may take advantage of a 10% early bird discount and the opportunity to purchase our annual “Black Friday” gift cards worth $120 for $100 (a $20 savings for those needing the math) and apply it toward your ROP charges including ROP Show Ticket Sales!!! Yes, you heard that right!

For those with financial constraints we will also be discussing how eVOLV’s Referral program can help you do ROP 2022 for low or no cost to you with a little effort in promoting our events! This also applies for dollar-for-dollar sponsorships earned as well. Just show up on November 27th to learn about all of this! Click here for more information:

I pride myself on making sure that your experiences are spared no expense, but this does take resources and community support. May I be so bold in asking you to please help eVOLV by letting your friends know about ROP 2022 and to get them to join you for one of our three informational sessions. If they sign up, you get a $50 credit so it’s worth it for you too! Maybe just forward/share this blog post or newsletter! It will help eVOLV’s recovery and will get us right in what I expect to be eVOLV’s best year in 2022. God knows we need it!

As always, I am humbled and honored to be part of the eVOLV Community. There is no other like it and it is all due to your efforts and support.

From my heart to yours – Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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