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5 Flat Tummy Myths & What To Do Instead!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

First off I commend you for taking time to read this in order to help improve yourself! Great step! My name is C.J. & I've been a trainer for over 20 years. There are no short cuts! It's about consistency of movement and proper nutrition - never fad diets! I've included in this article a few myths and some helpful pointers! First though, if interested in more tidbits of knowledge, I'd love to offer you my weekly newsletter authored and produced by me. Just click on link to a recent newsletter of mine where you will find a registration on top and can get some FREE recipes. Just register with your e-mail and know you can remove yourself at anytime. My passion is helping people just like you so it's my gift.

Now onto why you are here! Most people want to slim down before baring it all, so I'm here to warn you of the 5 Flat Tummy Myths that could waste your time:

Myth #1: Do extra crunches to flatten your abs. Excessive crunches aren't the answer for tight abs. In order to achieve a toned look you'll have to focus on burning off the layer of fat that is covering up your tummy.

  • Tip: Don't obsess about crunches - instead focus on fat burning.

Myth #2: Take diet pills to speed results. I know it's so tempting! The ads make compelling claims about the power of popping a pill, but don't fall for it. There is no ‘magic pill'. Diet pills are more likely to burn through your pocketbook than to slim you down.

  • Tip: Don't pop a pill - instead burn calories with intense exercise.

Myth #3: Turn to packaged diet products to boost results. Don't fall for the foods that are packaged as ‘diet' or ‘weight loss' aids. Quite often these products are packed with refined sugar and other artificial ingredients that your body doesn't need, and certainly won't help you attain that tight tummy.

  • Tip: Don't eat packaged diet foods - instead stick with nutritious whole foods.

Myth #4: Avoid all carbohydrates in order to achieve tight abs. Carbohydrates have been given a bad rap, which is unfortunate because you can (and should) eat carbs while slimming down. The key is to stick with whole grains, oatmeal and brown rice while avoiding processed and refined flours and sugars.

  • Tip: Don't give up all carbohydrates - instead stick with wholesome carbs. Also eat the damn cupcake. Never say no to a beautiful date or birthday because you are on a diet! Work for it and have a healthy relation with food!

Myth #5: Starve the chub away. Trying to lose weight by starving yourself is not only ineffective it can also be dangerous. It may seem that severe calorie restriction would deliver the quickest weight loss, but your body is complex and by doing so you'll disrupt your metabolism and slow your results.

  • Tip: Don't starve yourself - instead eat small wholesome meals throughout the day.

Now that you know what not to do in order to achieve tight abs, it's time to go over your flat tummy game plan.

Here's what you need to know in 3 simple steps: Step One: No more junk. Be purposeful with your diet. Quit lurking around the break room or snack counter searching for food! Pack and prepare your meals or at least have a plan. Be real with what's going on and learn how and why you are eating what you are. More then likely it's habits that have to be broken and junk is the easiest to grab! Step Two: Eat whole foods. Replace the junk food in your life with plenty of the following: cooked and raw vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, moderate amounts of seeds and nuts, lean meats and low fat dairy. Clean eating really is that simple. Be flavorful though. The use of chili, salsa, lime, salt and other flavorings for your food is critical for savory and enjoyment! Step Three: Log Your Diet - this is the second cornerstone habit of the eVOLV Phoenix Method of Training. (Hint there are 5 cornerstone habits in our methodology - want to know more?)

Treat what you put into your system like a bank account. Only until we have a register of what we are inputting and what we are burning - only then will we know what to do to get the results we want on our body!


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Until we meet again please feel free to read through some of C.J.'s blog posts. These are written to help relate and inspire you to better yourself mentally, physically and emotionally!

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